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Horoscope astrology magic zodiac sticker sheets

Horoscope astrology magic zodiac sticker sheets

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About materials:
-Matte paper: It is sticker matte paper.
-High-quality matte vinyl: soft texture, matte, water-resistant. (my fave, it feels like paper but better)
-Glossy vinyl: This is matte sticker paper with a transparent vinyl glossy on top, water resistant.
-Sparkly vinyl: This is matte sticker paper with a sparkling vinyl glossy on top, water-resistant
-Waterproof: made with glossy vinyl and a transparent or sparkly laminated film on top. These are the ones to put on things you want to wash or you want them to last for very very long. These stickers are very resistant, a bit thicker than the rest, and high quality.t

In my personal opinion:

matte paper is good when you want to use a lot of stickers without worrying too much, about your planner, journaling, or polcos. The quality is good and the colors are vibrant.

-High-quality matte vinyl: good for scrapbooking, journaling, polos, to use on your laptop, decorating your binder, etc., Because even though they are matte and can feel similar to paper they are water resistant and very long-lasting to the touch. The texture is so soft and pleasant, you would love it. 

Glossy vinyl and sparkly vinyl both are water-resistant and very long-lasting, One is transparent and the other one has beautiful soft holographic sparkling, and the pattern is sand with little stars. These are very pretty to decorate toploaders for example, your headset, laptop, and almost everything

Materials: Unless specified otherwise, the sticker won't be waterproof. // Please note that color on images may vary from monitor to monitor due to photography, lighting, screen settings. 

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