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Aniteez inspired stickers waterproof die cut ateez kpop

Aniteez inspired stickers waterproof die cut ateez kpop

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3 Sizes: 2, 2.5m 3 in

• JJOONGrami (HONGJOONG, squirrel)
• DDEONGbyeoli (SEONGHWA, rabbit)
• TYUdeongi (YUNHO, beige puppy)
• HETmongi (YEOSANG , dog) birth mark
• SANdeoki (SAN , cat)
• bbyongMING (MINGI, chiken)
• WOOYOnyang (WOOYOUNG, black cat)
• JJONGbear (JONGHO, bear))  

Transform your everyday items into something extraordinary with our holographic waterproof vinyl stickers! 

Each sticker features a stunning soft sand pattern with twinkling stars, perfect for adding a touch of personality to your phone, laptop, water bottle, or any surface you desire. 

These stickers are made with durable vinyl waterproof material and a holo top coating, ensuring that they will last through wear and tear. The adhesive layer is made of PVC plastic, providing a strong and long-lasting hold. With a paper backing layer, these stickers are easy to peel and apply to any surface. The holo on top makes them even more resistant and long-lasting!

Materials: Unless specified otherwise, the sticker won't be waterproof. // Please note that color on images may vary from monitor to monitor due to photography, lighting, screen settings. 

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